How can Quality Professionals future-proof their skillset?

On an individual level, quality professionals can use the CQI competency framework to look at their skills and requirements. There is a CPD element to this. The second bit is to get out of their bubble. They may have an organisation's view or an industry view. What membership at the CQI provides a macro-view of what is going on in different sectors. This helps understand how things are changing. Any changes for the quality professional have to respond to the changes which are out in the big world. If you look at the 2017 PwC CEO survey, it lets you know what the bigger challenges are. It gives 3 concerns for chief executives. 1) Technology: 2) Skills shortage: 2) Growth in a turbulent world The quality professional is tapping into the technology challenge. It has happened, it is here and it is now. If you characterise things like Big Data, Industry 4.0, Blockchain. It is going to have a profound impact on the industry. Just this week, Walmart have urged their suppliers to embrace Blockchain. They want to use Blockchain to control food safety in their supply chain. The IOT is here, with Smart Meters, Black Box. It is going ot have a profound effect on assurance and quality control. How technology and crowd thinking helps. Getting out of your bubble. Forward thinking quality professionals are making apps and There are two ways to look at this. From the inside out and the outside in to the organisation.

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